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The Community College System of NH is an equal opportunity employer, and adaptive equipment is available upon request to persons with disabilities.

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So, do they work?



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Who is Apprenticeship for?

Startled? Don’t be.

We can see it in your eyes. That project that you’d like to bring us on for?

Coincidentally, we’ve already done exactly that kind of work in the past. Multiple times, in fact. Some people call it a “profession”.

We call it destiny.

“What's in the box? What's in the box!?”

For good people, like you,

looking for a better way.


Healthcare.  IT.  Advanced Manufacturing. 


Upon completion of a Registered Apprenticeship, employees earn an average starting salary of $60,000 per year.

For every dollar spent on Apprenticeship, employers get an average of $1.47 back in increased productivity.

For companies seeking

skilled workers in NH.



You need a better job, and you can't wait years for a degree. You can't afford to go to night school while working a low-paying day job. You can't afford to spend time away from those you love. ApprenticeshipNH lets you EARN while you LEARN, so you can have a better future in a high-paying job you love.

Your NH company needs employees who understand the demands of your industry. NH Registered Apprenticeship allows you to train hard-working, dedicated individuals the way you need them to be trained. Programs available in Healthcare, IT, and Advanced Manufacturing.

Must be 18 years or older to apply.  Must be able to participate in paperwork/application process.

Sounds great! How do I apply?

Image of man listening during a NH apprenticeship
Image of apprentice learning to become a skilled worker in NH

91% of Apprentices are employed after completing their program.

The ApprenticeshipNH Program at the Community College System of New Hampshire is a $1.2 million grant sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The Registered Apprenticeship Program is a unique program that prepares workers and employers to compete in the modern economy.  It provides workers with invaluable opportunities to pursue highly-skilled, high-paying jobs, and opportunities for employers seeking to build a qualified workforce in NH.

Qualifying applicants may be able to receive a scholarship to help with tuition and other program costs.

October 17
Newfound High School Manufacturing Expo
8 am - 12 pm
Newfound High School Gymnasium

October 19
Job Fair @ NH Job Corps
9 am - 3 pm
New Hampshire Job Corps
943 Dunbarton Road, Manchester

October 19
2nd Annual Veteran Career Fair
9 am - 2 pm
Pease International Tradeport - Café Arboretum
100 Arboretum Drive, Portsmouth

NH Apprenticeship Facebook Icon
NH Apprenticeship Facebook icon

with Registered Apprenticeship NH.

Earn money 

as you 


No experience required to begin.

November 17 

1 - 3 pm

Apprenticeship Launch Event

Manchester Community College

1066 Front Street, Manchester, NH

Multi-Purpose Room

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